Unified Namespace: Allowing Applications To Access Data Anywhere

The exponential growth of the raw computational power, communication bandwidth, and storage capacity results in continuous innovation in how data is processed and stored. To address the evolving nature of the compute and storage landscape, we are continuously advancing Alluxio, a state-of-the-art memory-centric virtual distributed storage system.

Cray Analytics and Alluxio – Wrangling Enterprise Storage

For business to not just survive — but to flourish — it’s become imperative to make decisions with near immediacy, continuously pivot strategy and tactics, and merge streams of inquiries into meaningful action. Executing requires high-frequency insights — the competitive advantage in today’s frenetic business landscape. Together with Alluxio, Inc., we enable businesses to gain the competitive advantage with faster time to insights with our integrated solution of Cray high-performance analytics platform and Alluxio’s memory-speed virtual storage system — Alluxio Enterprise Edition.

Case Studies

Case Study
ArcGIS and Alluxio - Using Alluxio to enhance ArcGIS data capability and get faster insights from all your data

In a real development environment our customers leverage ArcGIS to read and write geospatial data to a plethora of distributed data stores, such as Amazon S3, HDFS, or OpenStack Swift, and some of these data stores are not natively supported by the ArcGIS platform...